Justice Patch Program - Develop a Sense of Fairness


Two of the provisions of the Girl Scout Law is that Girl Scouts are honest & fair and respect authority. What exactly does that mean? How can you, as a girl make a difference? Complete this program and you will know some ways to make an impact! 

By earning the Justice Patch, girls will develop a sense of fairness, an understanding of why we have laws, and how laws can be changed.  Girls will learn how laws are designed to help people, as well as the role of lawyers and judges in the community. 

The criteria to earn a Justice Patch at the Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador level are listed below.  To earn the Justice Patch, girls must complete 3 of the requirements at their level. Please note: some Girl Scout levels have steps that are required

Earn it: Download the Girl Scouts Justice Patch Program.

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